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FACTS ¥ The History of American Wars.

PragmaticMomfrom PragmaticMom

Who Owns the Money? Economics for 4th Graders

Federalism and Shared Power

Most Influential Legal Cases of the Last Century Infographic

Washington Postfrom Washington Post

Which presidents are on your money?

It's all about the 'Benjamins'...even if he wasn't a president.

Pronk Palisadesfrom Pronk Palisades

The United States Constitution, Limited Government, States’ Rights and The Tenth Amendment–Videos

The United States Constitution, Limited Government, States' Rights and The Tenth Amendment--Videos

An infographic of the etymology and cultural origins of the names that made the United States of America.

States & Capitals/Presidents Bookmark..Have students make this and then research a many related?, assassinated?, re-elected?, no vp?, etc. Endless ways to cross the curriculum with history and ELA!

Finding Dutchlandfrom Finding Dutchland

Declaration of Human Rights

HUMANISM: Something that is related to humans like, their interests, belief, resident, values, their morals, powers, needs, rights.

the constitution - This video was made to help students understand why the Constitution was created. It explains the purpose, the meaning, and the intent of this most important...; appropriate for older elementary grades (C3; W5)

iMomfrom iMom

Independence Trivia Game

Great US History Printables

Some jobs have an easier interview process than others. And then you have the extreme job interview: the U.S. president and U.S. vice president. These candidates are being evaluated for days, months and even years through campaigns, conventions and debates. Talk about a long hiring process for the ultimate “temporary” job!




A body of rules established by custom or treaty and recognized by nations as binding in their relations with one another.

An Ethical Islandfrom An Ethical Island

Greeting Students

Ideas for greeting students to Increase Engagement and classroom community