Modern Family

Modern Family. Gloria to Lily: let me fix your hair. Cam: I didn't realize her hair was broken.

modern family

Modern Family humor. Phil is my favorite! I was JUST telling someone about this clip! Modern Family has truly changed my life!

<3 Modern Family

i will never understand

one of my favorite characters ever.

i love seth

my favorite line from the whole movie

15 Reasons Phil Dunphy Is Everyone’s Favorite “Modern Family” Character… Ty Burrell Turns 47 Today!

Family Fued - Funny... Ever get so mad that your suit changed colors? :)


Legally Blonde IS an excellent movie!

Modern Family

Unless you're not a cat person, in which case you get knitting needles and a closet of spinster dresses :/

100 creative responses to the question "How's school?" This. Is. Hilarious.

hahaha, love Phil!!

Modern Family.

Luke turned out fine! (We gotta get Lilly to a doctor!) Modern Family Cam and Mitchell.

lmao,oh phil