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Video games get their wires crossed (26 Photos)

Hylian Creed, a story of a man who fought for the freedom of an empire from the tyrannical clutches of a dark lord.

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Community Post: Most Epic Legend of Zelda Fanart of All Time

Most Epic Legend of Zelda Fanart of All Time | Video Games - Nintendo

Skull Kid was the most tragic character of all time. His only friends were four giants who he could never talk to, who deserted him (not on their own account, but still) and two fairies, one of which deserts him and the other hates him. He is so lonely. And once he regains his friendships, the giants leave again, and he finds a new friend in Link, who leaves never to return......

If only he saw the hero he would become... #Link - The Legend of Zelda - #Nintendo

A Link Between Worlds by EternaLegend | #Zelda #ALBW