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Pay attention to her

Wish guys could get a better understanding of this. Effort and observation is important. after all women do matter without them we all are nothing

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My silence could mean you are not worth the argument. Or not worth the energy. Or not worth the drama. Or not worth the time.

I am never an asshole or mean without cause...if you cause it, you deserve it!

How I feel. ~ You've disrespected me for the last time and I'm standing up for myself.(I agree ~ DP because if you don't stand up for yourself, who will?


You know that saying, misery loves company.too many people at work take that so literally! You can take your judge mental miserable ass away from my sunny side of life, k thanks!

Karma is real but people take a chance that karma doesn't exist. I'm here to let you know that karma is absolutely real. You know this though

And I hope karma slaps you in the face even after I slapped you upside the head cause it clearly did not knock any sense into you