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5 best exercises to torch your flabby belly.

Muscle built through strength training increases your resting metabolic rate and tones your body. This helps with long-term weight control and creates a physique that you'll feel proud of.

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Abs-not boobs although boobs would be nice

If I looked like her I'd wear a bra, shorts and boots EVERYDAY!! Amazing motivation!- I better get to work..

the epitome of skinny fat vs skinny fit


super cool fitness motivation and workout blog

Fitness. <3

The wonderful FitBuzzer Jacqui takes an S-curvishly lean and lumpy kini snap @ those who showed off results


Complete motivation: you are your worse enemy; "Eat junk, look like junk. eat clean, look lean."


6 Moves to Resize Your Butt and Thighs. Different kinds of SQUATS.

Fitness motivation! <3