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    My mom always parted the front of my hair to the side and secured it with yarn :)

    • Cherie Sharp

      Wore these on my pigtails, ponytails, and as a headband....Yarn hair ties - #70s Super strong, too! My dad took them out of my hair one night when car muffler started dragging; used them to tie/hold them up till we made it home! I remember crying! Actually, a very good memory for me, now. Makes me smile!

    • Angela Goldstein

      Yarn hair ties - #70s these adorned my twin ponytails, and were braided into my pigtails, as well as cascaded down my small side pony.

    • Nikke Auten

      I remember these!!! They were around in the 70s too. I have pictures of me with them as ribbons for my pigtails.

    • Joan Hart

      ....Yarn hair ties from the 70s and I had every color. who remembers 'side ponies' - two ponytails one on either side of your head? jh

    • Rebecca Coffey

      Yarn hair ties - 70s. Momma would tie up her beautiful black hair all the time with these.... such fun memories...

    • Jennifer Woodward

      I remember this - needed for ponytails and pigtails - yarn string tie headbands/ribbons

    • Robyn

      ....Yarn hair ties - #70s #80s You could cut them in 1/2 - one for each pigtail!

    • Lori Andrews

      Yarn hair ties -had multiple colors I wore in my pigtails in grade school!

    • Emil Devantie Brockdorff

      Trip Down Memory Lane #RememberThis

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