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Squirrel chair in the Smoky Mountains. Have you seen one yet? Let us know if you have and where you saw it. Bearfoot Lodge does not have a squirrel chair, but I would gladly put one up in the back of the cabin if I could reach that far up in the trees.

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Nuts To Them! 8 Brilliant Backyard Squirrel Feeders - Page 2 of 2

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The Kindness of Squirrels

The picture shows a female red squirrel adopting an orphan baby from an abandoned nest. Although squirrels rarely interact, they learn who their nearby relatives are by hearing their unique calls. If they fail to hear a relative’s calls for a few days, they may investigate and rescue orphans. Photo: J. W. Taylor

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So cutee

I love this because it reminds me of a cute fat baby and it looks so cuddly and i just love it.