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  • Elizabeth Cogburn

    10 ways to cook quinoa. has more protein per ounce than meat and is gluten free. Plus ther are like 25 more ideas in the comments

  • Melanie Landry

    Quinoa, it's what's for breakfast....lunch AND dinner! 16 quinoa recipes!! #quinoa

  • Elizabeth Halderson

    10 new ways to cook QUINOA. Known as a "Superfood" is perfect for Vegans & Vegetarians. High in protien and fiber, it has more protein/ounce than meat AND has beneficial vitamins and nutrients most vegetarians find difficult to get into their diets, including all 8 essential amino acids. Love me some quinoa

  • Stephanie Khan

    10 ways to cook quinoa. (Good side dish ideas)

  • Marley Majcher

    10 ways to cook quinoa. has more protein per ounce than meat. <= LOVE. The Party Goddess! Marley Majcher #Healthy #food #quinoa

  • Mallory Ramey

    10 New Ways to Cook Quinoa #recipes #gluten Free

  • Cheryl Ann Lawless

    10 ways to cook quinoa has more protein ounce than meat

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i love quinoa. It's so healthy for you too!

A few years ago I made my first dish with Quinoa. I made a rookie mistake and did not rinse the dry Quinoa thoroughly first so it had a bitter taste that no one in my family liked. Lately though I gave it another try and now it has become a weekly part of our …

Why we should all be eating quinoa =) #quinoa

10 Healthy Quinoa Recipes Gluten-free and some can be made vegan. Numbers 5 & 6 look yummy!

10 new ways to enjoy quinoa from @SHAPE magazine Check me out! Two of my recipes are in @SHAPE magazine! Breakfast Quinoa and Quinoa Mac and Cheese in Tomato Bowls :)

Mexican Quinoa Salad 1 1/2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil 2 tablespoons white wine vinegar salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste Salad: 1 cup dry quinoa, rinsed well through a fine strainer/sieve 1 cup halved cherry tomatoes 3/4 to 1 cup fresh corn (sliced off the cob, raw) 1/4 cup finely chopped cilantro lime wedges salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste

If you're tired of oatmeal or simply want to pump up your protein during breakfast, try this quinoa dish. This delish recipe is loaded with fiber and vitamins and minerals. Talk about a breakfast of champions!

Vegan Chocolate Protein Bars Per serving (1 bar): 184 calories, 5.4g fat (3g saturated), 29g carbohydrates, 37mg sodium, 113mg potassium, 3g fiber, 7.3g protein

Quinoa Broccoli Pilaf; 1 T extra virgin olive oil, 1 medium onion finely diced, 1 medium broccoli head (apx alb) cut into florets, 1 cup dry quinoa, 2.25 cup low sodium veggie broth, 1 t sea salt, 1 t pepper, 1 t paprika. Makes 6 servings; Per serving (1 cup): 150 calories, 3g fat, 74.3mg sodium, 6.5g fiber, 6.8g protein.

bona food: Quinoa Breakfast Bowl blackberries, almonds, sunflower seeds, yogurt, quinoa, mint, honey