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Picasso's "Dove of Peace"

Picasso - Dove with flowers

Picasso's The Dog

Picasso's Squirrel

Picasso's Bulls

Pablo Picasso - Femme au Chien

Picasso's Rose Period

Picasso's Guernica

Pablo Picasso - Dance of Peace

Picasso artwork - color blending

Picasso's Three Women. One of my favs

Three Musicians, 1921 by Pablo Picasso. "Three Musicians is an example of Picasso's Cubist style. In Cubism, the subject of the artwork is transformed into a sequence of planes, lines, and arcs. Cubism has been described as an intellectual style because the artists analyzed the shapes of their subjects and reinvented them on the canvas...."

Lilacs / Henri Matisse

Georgia O'Keeffe

Valeriane LeBlond

Corn, Dark , No. 1: Georgia O'Keeffe