Torvill and Dean "Bolero" - '84 Olympics

Torville and Dean, Sarajevo Olympics, 1984.

Torvill & Dean - Bolero Free Dance Worlds '84, I LOVE watching this!!!!!

Torvill & Dean

Torvill & Dean Bolero - 1984 Olympic Winning Routine

Torvill & Dean, 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo

Torvill and Dean 1984 Olympics

Torvill & Dean Barnum

Jayne Torvill & Christopher Dean ~ Ice Dancing Gold Medal Winter Olympics 1984

Torvill and Dean "Bolero" (1994 Olympics) - YouTube

1984 Olympic Ice Dance Champions Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean

I can still remember watching the stunning performance of Torvill and Dean's amazing Bolero that won them the Gold at the Olympics.

Torville and Dean ~ This Ice Dancing Pair Returned to Olympic Competition After A Decade's Break and Hit Bronze With Their Famous "Bolero" Routine...Beauty & Grace On Ice...An Unforgettable Olympic Moment!!

Jayne Torville & Christopher Dean

Torvill & Dean 1994 Olympics OD Rhumba

Torvill & Dean, part of the 2012 Torch Relay.

Torvill & Dean Bolero 1984 Olympic Winning Routine

Torvill & Dean: They absolutely changes the sport of ice dancing. Their innovations are seen in those who participate in the sport today.

The quintessential ice dance by the legendary Torvill & Dean dancing to Bolero in the 1984 Olympics (Sarajevo). The only couple to score 6.0 from all judges, they won the gold medal. This still gives me goosebumps every time I watch it. And the location in Sarajevo is poignant - the crowning moment for a city about to be plunged into destruction.

Torvill and Dean Dancing on Ice 2011 Skating the Bolero.

Torvill and Dean - Bolero