A neat way to do a report and a good visual for sequencing

Sequencing a story

This is a story tower where children illustrate the title on one card, the setting, author's purpose, beginning, middle, end... whatever! They write sentences or a paragraph on the back. Then they build it...This can be each child doing one card to build a group story tower or each child can make their own.(Pic only/See explanation above)



Worksheets: Fairy Tale Story Map

This is a form I designed for my Reader's Workshop Notebook. It helps me to stay organized and allows me to jot down and useful, informal observati...

Foldable idea

visual for transition words

Stories to help kids understand sounds...these are SO cute!

Story Sequencing :: The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything - Omg... My favorite book of all time , I can't wait to do this with my child!


Here's a model of the 3-2-1 Nonfiction Reading Strategy Graphic Organizer. It was 1st modeled by the T on how to complete it, then the kids completed one at a station. Being able to read informational texts effectively is a fundamental quality of successful readers. After reading nonfiction books or articles, this graphic organizer helps st. summarize what they have learned.

How to write a concise summary for third graders! (FREEBIE!)

Story Sequencing Charts

VERY CUTE great for sequencing

And cute to boot!

transition words


Vocabulary foldables

Social Studies Interactive Notebook