A neat way to do a report and a good visual for sequencing

Sequencing a story


This is a story tower where children illustrate the title on one card, the setting, author's purpose, beginning, middle, end... whatever! They write sentences or a paragraph on the back. Then they build it...This can be each child doing one card to build a group story tower or each child can make their own.


Worksheets: Fairy Tale Story Map

visual for transition words

Summarizing Like a Superhero! anchor chart


Stories to help kids understand sounds...these are SO cute!

This is a form I designed for my Reader's Workshop Notebook. It helps me to stay organized and allows me to jot down and useful, informal observati...

Picking out important moments and author's tools in a short story.

Great foldable ideas!


"Foldable" graphic organizer example. (Book report adaptations)

Opinion Writing Graphic Organizer

GREAT reading response pages - Oh my gosh...exactly what we need!!! Many options: general journal response, graphic organizer, elements of a story, plot, point of view, etc. Awesome!!!

Non-Fiction Response

lots of examples of foldables and how they are used

Non fiction graphic organizer

From Scholastic has Graphic Organizers for Personal Narratives. to help make planning and writing narratives that are focused, sequential, and interesting a bit easier for my students.