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    I will always love the false image I had of you.

    Own up, you can't keep putting blame on the devil every time things don't go your way. Quit being hurtful, be honest, show truth, and watch things change

    My nonexistent balls are bigger than your real ones.

    It's so true that I have to laugh, otherwise I'd cry. The never ending question, "Mom, where is...?"


    So many red flags... that I tried to fix... Well fix your own friggen issues now..


    Daily Odd Compliment

    beautiful tree of life necklace in sterling silver.

    So true


    This reminds me of someone, you know who you


    Good point...

    OMG yes! Lol

    This is pretty hard dis.. hmm but i found it funny. Will someone take offense assuming it's aimed at them? Probably.. is it true that I aim it at anyone? NO. It's just a simple post I found interesting. Making ham sandwiches and being flabby isn't cooking or beautiful <3:-) but yeah, that's cute you think so.

    I thought this pin should go on this board since we both know how accurate this e-card is to our lives!