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  • Katie Robbins

    cutest baby picture i've ever seen

  • Sophie

    I don't Pin photos of children usually, but this photo is so sweet, I had to.

  • My Kharms Collection

    Can't tell if this baby is about to bust out crying because he's wet or if he's super prayerful. Either way, it's a beautiful photo.

  • Monica

    baby. Baptism photos?

  • Shara Bear

    Bath time photo. That water has got to be some perfect temperature and not my kid, but cute.

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This little girl will grow to be a wonderful, nurturing mama. She already knows that the right place for baby is 'on' her - NOT in a piece of plastic: Cass

Miss being this happy about something like a watermelon! Who an I kidding I still put the orange peel in my mouth and smile.

Cute idea for a pic!!!! Whitney Clark Clark Silhan. But turned to where the baby's face shows. How cute is that?

Awww...Having a bad day? Look at this. There is no way you could walk away without a smile!

Yes!!!! I would love for our kids to learn (early) even though I know there will be boo boos and hospital visits lol

So fashionable! Take this as a child, then do the same as a grad. Would be great invit. for grad party.

These are the only baby pictures I've seen that are as cute as puppy or kitten pictures!