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Make Your Own Stamp Pad for Letter Learning Activities

Make Your Own Stamp Pad for Letter Learning Activities - something to keep in mind in case of emergency and no stamp pad around! ;)

Alphabet Play Dough Mats Activity Mats: Multi-sensory ABC Activity

ABC play dough mats for preschool and pre-k. I love these because kids can build the letters with playdough, find the letter in the alphabet line, find the letter/practice the sounds with the pictured objects, trace the letter, and write the letter. Soooo many ways to experience each letter.

Letter O Activities for Tot-School

Letter O activities for tot-school, part of our letter of the week theme with Montessori inspired activities.

DIY Funny Face Flip Book

This DIY Funny Face Flip Book is simple to put together and will keep the kids creatively entertained all afternoon. Great summer kids activity.

Car Crash Preschool Letter Stamping Activity

How can you make alphabet recognition fun-with preschool letter stamping activities of course. Enjoy this car crash preschool letter stamping activity