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How to Extract DNA from Strawberries in the Kitchen by ktichenpantryscientist: All you need is 3 strawberries, measuring spoons, 2 one or two-cup pyrex measuring cups, a cone-shaped coffee filter, a plastic zip-lock bag, small clear plastic or glass cups, laundry detergent (liquid or powdered), ice cubes, 2 big bowls, a timer, salt and ice-cold rubbing alcohol and about 20 minutes! #DNA_Extraction #Strawberry_DNA #kitchenpantryscientist #Science #Kids

Make lava in a cup (science experiment). Just takes water, veg oil, salt and food coloring (optional). Did this with my boys and my six year old was fascinated!

How to Make Butter in a Jar

How to Make Butter in a Jar. Super cool science for kids. And it's so easy! Just 10 minutes and a few simple ingredients.

How Many Drops Of Water Can You Put On A Penny?

Water Surface Tension Experiment | STEM Challenge

Dancing Frankenworms

Engage students during science class with this creative activity – Dancing Worms. With just a few dollars' worth of supplies from Dollar Tree, you'll be dancing for joy along with the worms!

Apples and Handwashing: "We put a clean apple slice in one jar. We passed another apple slice around the class as we came in from recess with dirty hands. We have been observing the two jars in the science center. This is the difference after 8 days - gross! (This picture doesn't really show the mold.)" - A great way to teach about germs.