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This is what is wrong with US Education... if this kid got an "A" then the teacher needs to find another job. Those are not complete sentences under the adjectives first header. They have no verb.


Look at this dog.

Dog Owner Really Loves His Dog. The dog posted a similar sign about his owner.. love, lost, Words, Animals, dogs, Signs

I have to believe this conversation happened. Otherwise, this picture can't be explained.

Zooey Deschanel. Wow, I have never heard a woman speak about being a woman better than this quote. - I need to allow myself to do this more.


Olympic divers on the toilet…

Olympic divers on the toilet… Dont act like you didn't laugh.hahahhaha


Truths about my life…

Oh, I would LOVE to meet this lady! LOL


Waking up at a sleepover…

THE WALKING DEAD: Funny Pictures, Walking Dead, So True, Funny Stuff, Humor, Funnies, Walkingdead


Emergency Rooms…



Favorite thing about winter…

So true!!!