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Writing Center (Love the round table)

Squish Preschool Ideas: Back To School- Classroom Decoration and Layouts (table & chairs for writing center)

The shelving appeals to me as a room divider. NOT that I have a room big enough to divide BUT we can dream people!

Love this shelving idea! Come to think of it this is a fabulous idea for any space kids adults or anything in between I will have to try it keeps things organized and in their places something I could always use help with when I am on my own 👍

Win-Win - Be a Bucket Filler NOT a Bucket Emptier (as a teacher - check on Thursday to ensure EVERYONE has at least one in there)

The bucket filler board is a must! The kids can fill a bucket ANY time they want to! Every Friday, they check their buckets to find the kind words others have left for them to read. Also goes along with the book, 'Have You Filled a Bucket Today?


DIY: Mail/Paper organizer from cereal boxes. Duct tape to make the seams of the box sturdy and using mod podge dress the box with some cute scrapbook paper. LOVE this for over the back pack hooks for all 4 kids homework.

Practice that feels like play. Get the K12 app that teachers use.  IXL’s free tablet app is here to make math and language arts practice fun and engaging for kids everywhere. Boasting all the functionality of the IXL website as well as a host of unique tablet-only features, it’s practice that feels like play. Download the teacher-approved K-12 app for free on iPad, Android and Kindle.

Interactive language arts + grammar practice for to grade. Alligns with Indiana math standards.

DIY Drying Wall Rack (or puzzle rack): perfect for daycare kiddos to dry their artwork!

A metal desk file screwed to wall creates an inexpensive DIY Drying Wall Rack (or puzzle rack).R has been begging for a drying rack.

Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations: Loads of Classroom Inspiration

Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations: Loads of Classroom Inspiration- The lorax classroom design- could be a great first day classroom intro

Quiet Critters - They visit the tables of children who are working quietly.

Great idea - 💚Quiet critters come out only when it's quiet, kids work hard to have one sit on their desk, cute