GET OUT! Turn a tablecloth into a rug. Great way to add color outside (or inside) on the cheap!

Shower Curtain Rug - this is a great idea because home decor fabrics are SO expensive! But shower curtains are cheap and come in just about any color or pattern you could ever want. Brilliant!

Turning A Table Cloth In To A Rug: A DIY Anthropologie Rug - Dream Book Design

Make a fabric rug out of any fabric you like...this is amazing! I had no idea you could do this!

great idea. seems like it would be easy enough to make one on my own.

Cheap decoration ideas- Plastic table clothes & balloons

How to Paint a Concrete Floor - might be handy for the basement or garage!

A Scoop of Sherbert: large area rug DIY for under $30. Stephanie bought carpet samples for $1 each and used carpet tape to put them together. Gorgeous!

50+ Things to make with PAinter's Drop Cloths

How to turn thrift store upholstered chairs into seating for your outdoor dining table at The Happy Housie

Arrange paper templates, nail them in, rip paper off, and hang picture on nail! This is brilliant!

Great tutorial on how to make curtains!

Covered Light Switch & Outlet Plates: Scrapbook paper, modge podge, and a little paint - need to do!

Pillows using vinyl tablecloths

Velcro Bedskirt! Brilliant! I hate how the bedskirt never ends up in the right place on our bed... this is on my to-do for sure!

Good old Martha taught us that rather than buying those ridiculously expensive anti-slip mats for a rug, just turn it over and run a few lines of acrylic-latex caulk every 6 inches or so. Let dry and flip over and your rug wont be going anywhere!

DIY Fabric Floorcloth

Turn an old barstool into a darling side table! Wrap rope around lower foot rests to create a couple shelves!

Add Feet & Wallpaper To A Cheap Bookcase