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  • Niyah Kelly

    Albert Einstein wearing fuzzy slippers. A reminder that smart people are best when they are silly, too!!

  • Cassy Ccb

    Albert Einstein wearing fluffy slippers. Via Princeton Historical Society- Photo Credit: Einstein sitting on the front steps of his home in Princeton, wearing his fuzzy slippers. Photo courtesy of Gillett Griffin.

  • Susan Knauff

    Albert Einstein in Fuzzy Slippers, c. 1950s #alberteinstein

  • Chase

    Albert Einstein wearing fuzzy slippers. Sometimes there's a fine line between eccentric and narcissistic. This man got every photo op he could find, to show off just how "funny" he was. Sigh

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Albert Einstein wearing fuzzy slippers. This is a Real Genius moment.

Albert Einstein in Fuzzy Slippers via www.princetonhist... (and now I should get out of my fuzzy slippers and take my man to the airport! :D)

Albert Einstein in Fuzzy Slippers via Reblogged to add; so glad so many of you like this pic. It is one of my favourite most recent “finds”!

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