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William Powell en el rodaje de “Mi Marido Está Loco” (Love Crazy), 1941

William Powell shaved his trademark moustache and donned women's attire for the conclusion of the film "Love Crazy." (He makes a very fine lady!

between two worlds

Between Two Worlds. The acting is impeccable. It is so difficult to find but well worth the effort.

alfred hitchcock

Jimmy Stewart, Henry Fonda and Alfred Hitchcock on set of "The Wrong Man" Hitchcock says "What was that noise?" Jimmy says" Did I just rip a seam out of my pants?" Henry says "Way to go.you're back on the set in 5 minutes.

Claudette Colbert and James Stewart

Claudette Colbert and James Stewart

Walter Winchell, Myrna Loy, Loretta Young, John Garfield, Janet Gaynor and Quentin Reynolds.

Walter Winchell, Myna Loy, Loretta Young, John Garfield, Janet Gaynor and Quentin Reynolds(war correspondent) Meet at Stork Club before a Navey Relief Show.

Henry Fonda, James Cagney, William Powell and Jack Lemmon ...Mr. Roberts

William Powell, who died on this date in made his last screen appearance in the 1955 classic "Mister Roberts" which also starred Henry Fonda, James.

Pictures & Photos from Faithful in My Fashion (1946) - IMDb

Donna Reed, Spring Byington, Edward Everett Horton, and Tom Drake in Faithful in My Fashion

movie posters 1940s | Irene (1940 film) movie poster

Irene featuring Anna Neagle and Ray Milland. Sent by her employers on an errand to the home of the wealthy Mrs. Vincent, Irene O'Dare meets Don, a friend of Mrs.

"They Met in Argentina." This 1941 movie starring Maureen O'Hara is roundly considered by (modern) movie critics to have been a lackluster, boring, forgettable musical comedy. Nonetheless, it was made when the U.S. was professing its Good Neighbor Policy, and despite its good intentions, the movie apparently lost twice as much as it cost to produce. Ouch.

Find bio, credits and filmography information for Maureen O'Hara on AllMovie - Born in Ranelagh, Ireland, near Dublin, Maureen O'Hara was trained at the Abbey Theatre School and…

Doris Day and Alfred Hitchcock

Doris Day and Alfred Hitchcock going over script notes on the set for The Man Who Knew Too Much

John Huston and Humphrey Bogart on the set of "Key Largo”, 1948

A rare color shot of great friends Humphrey Bogart and John Huston on the set of Key Largo, 1948