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Sandy Tranquility Beach photo by KDempseyPhotography on Etsy, $35.00 Landscape

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Color Palette Ideas for Your Home

I've had a one sweaty summer. Lost so much weight that when I came back to work today, I was getting a lot if hugs, some ladies feeling my bony ribs at the back.

I believe in being at peace with your inner-self as well as with others. I believe in accepting others for who they are, as they are made in the light of God.

A beautiful moment. Freshwater coast of Lake Michigan - empfohlen von First Class and More

Sometimes,I feel like going away from everyone and walk away. Just for a while. I want a *freeze* mode. I want every single thing to stop for a moment. The world is going too fast and I can't catch up. My heart is beating too hard and I don't wanna feel it. My nerves are cracking down and I need to feel calm. But I'll always leave my footprints behind so you can find me...