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I must remember this at all times and stop fighting so hard to keep people in my life who are not willing to fight for me.

Well... He's my best friend's cousin, he's absolutely adorable, and he has abs and a truck. 11 outta 10 :)

True friend love you as you are, know everything about you, understand you, know your feeling,...

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Wow.. this is every girls heart's desire when it comes to how they want to be loved. <<< pretty much everything except I wouldn't mind being called babe.

Someone asked, WHY DO YOU LIKE HIM SO MUCH? but before i could reply, my best friend put her hand over my mouth and said, DONT EVEN GET HER STARTED. -credit to phenomenal for the format. - Witty Profiles Quote 1540853

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10 Ways to Keep Your House Clean WITH KIDS

Sorry miss WV. You don't know me and your boyfriend only knew me for a year, and that's when I broke his heart. Sooo idk how you think you know so much. Kind weird..... #Psycho

Oh sooo stinkin true I only have a handful of close friends and that's enough for me!