Alexander Skarsgaard

so so funny.


So funny! :D

Stephen Colbert

Yeah that's it.... ;)


This pin i put up was becasue of how im literate in humor. Im not sure if this apply to how im literate but i love funny things and i would read a bunch of funny messages and my literacy is kinda humorous i love jokes and things like that. I have a huge sense of humor so i loved this type of stuff

IDK why I am laughing so hard. I just am!

Love this!

If Monday were a true!! Also, take notice, I do believe this person is at Wal-Mart! Haha

super inappropriate but, sooo funny.

love Cosby!

This is called making-your-husband-lunch while-you're-fighting. Like. A. Boss.

I just died of laughter.

Ahhh I cant stop laughing!

HAHA omg this is so stupid

@ Breanna Lowder :)