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  • Gabrielle Tagliarino

    He was the true hero, and the moral of the story is true friendship prevails! Also, frodo is an idiot. Sam was all "lets NOT follow the creepy skinny guy who talks to himself" then frodo goes "Sam, I think I know what I'm doin. I'm the ring bearer, seriously Sam. I got this." And then look what happened...

  • Andrea Peters

    Lord of the rings. Yes, Sam was indubitably the true hero. He came back for Frodo even when he knew he could go home. He saved Frodo's life several times.

  • Emily Bingaman

    Duh! Frodo is a whiny lil bitch. Sam saved middle earth.

  • Rebecca Spung

    SO TRUE ,Frodo is only a winy ring bearer and sam is the hero!

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#Samwise #Gamgee I absolutely love Sam! He is such an amazing friend to Frodo, even when Frodo does him wrong.


I've been watching lotr with my little brother whose read the books and I'm just like SAMs the hero it's Sam. He save frodos butt so many times.

best line ever written. In this one line you understand how devoted of a friend Sam is, as well as his pureness and determination.

Definitely shaping my Decembers for the next few years, I'll tell you that.

I would totally be okay with the Ring of Power as my engagement ring...

This is my favorite part in the Lord of the Ring movies! I sat down and played and paused it to write it down when they first came out! The good in the world is worth fighting for!!!!

.Think about it, before you judge that bum on the street. Angels hide in the most curious of places.

Aww, we know the truth Samwise!