holiday hues

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ornaments palette - love the color "pop" outside the box of traditional red and green for Christmas decorations. Simple festive ornaments in jewel tones resting on fresh boughs of greenery....awesome. Thanks to Brandi Girl Blog.

pomegranate palette - design seeds

ornamental hues

nature hues

christmas tones.

flora hues

horizon hues

more from our home collection -

feathered hues - design seeds

flower hues

color share - voor meer kleurinspiratie en kleurentrends check ook eens

underwater hues

holi hues

Pink purple teal

fallen hues

scooped hues

Horizon Hues Scheme: I really like this one. The blues and purples always look nice together; but they added a yellowish tone and a brown/grey for a surprise.

Diptyque Votive Candle Set #giftsforher