summer past time - need to do again, soon!


summer long ago

rope swing hanging over a river, favourite meeting spot of a group of friends, summer picnics during hot days and wild parties after the sun sets

lunch on the water

Midsummer Souls Photoshoot- @Sarah Chintomby Gardner @Bre Vader'an / ST8 of MIND

Riviera Maya, Mexico


One of my favorite things to do in the whole entire world. Still.

A whole website created for road trips. You can enter your destination and city you are leaving from and find all kinds of stuff along the way.

road trip

It's moments like this, at the meeting place of a laminar sea and a rugged shore, where the sea and whiskey arouse my senses all at once, like unforeseen fireworks, to the surface of my skin. A long anticipated breath is drawn deeply and transformed to a heavy liquid that spreads through me like renewing honey to a starving soul. ~ja

summer adventure Favorite Pins @frostedevents Pinspiration #travel #adventurers #getlost #inspiration

can't wait till summer!

Frio River Treetop - Fully Furnished Family-Friendly Vacation House in the Texas Hill Country. Yes Please!

a moment in time

Go "Camping" at Ross Lake Floating Cabins for rent - North Cascades in Washington

Going kayaking in beautiful springs. Probably having a great time.

The best fun ever! Swinging from a tree rope swing into the river at sunset! #DdO:) - - SKYLIGHTS full of lovely photos of sunrise and moonlight peace. Pinned via amariesantini's REFLECTIONS #Pinterest board.

tom kaffine

This so reminds me of our summer cottage on the lake. Our friend next door was a truck driver and he would get the big inner tubes and all the kids would float around on them in the lake. This pic really looks like our lake too.