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Container Store shoe box - I use these to keep everything for a project together and visible. Yarn, needle, index card with notes, ball bands - everything goes in. The big pluses over project bags is that they stack and are see-through.

Our Shoe Box

Container Store Clear Shoe Boxes - YES - this would make my small shoes stay on the rack, as well as provide protection for them!

Our Clear Watertight Trunk has a reinforced base and lid to ensure that your storage stacks up higher than the rest!

Clear Weathertight Trunk

These are my favorite trunks! I use them to transport our Scentsy supplies to and from events! The Container Store > Watertight Trunk

Translucent Photo Cases

Clear Photo Cases with Hinged Lids

Translucent Photo Cases from The Container Store - perfect for storing and protecting photographs

Make your house look picked up all the time! Have pretty baskets of any style to put electronics, books, blankets, magazines, toys, remotes and more inside.

Copper & Mocha Woven Kiva Storage Bins

Our Clear Storage Boxes

Our Clear Storage Boxes


When the size of your space dictates the use of small scale appliances there's several great candidates when it comes to refrigerators, but freezers always seem to fall short

The Container Store > Watertight Totes

Clear Weathertight Totes