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The pristine universe under the sea. Too be admired while listening to Deep Blue Sea by Brian Eno.

"Let's find some beautiful place to get lost." ✈ #travel #trip #color #purple #pink #sea #ocean #sky

Friends will always be there to do hand stands in the ocean with you :)

Hawaiians use shaka to convey the "Aloha Spirit", "thank you", "hi", "howzit", In Florida it's called the "hang loose" sign or "all right!". In sign language, shaka is used to refer to surfing. In California, Shaka is known as the "chill" or "hang ten" . In Brazil, shaka is one of the most popular gestures. In the Caribbean, it's used as a form of "sex" if used in the way of the thumb facing yourself and the pinkie facing in front and moving it towards the person and yourself.


An entry from The Sweet Simple Life


There is no better feeling than floating in the water at the beach ...

Can't wait until summer time!! :) :) Living on the beach all summer long! <3