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Paint a pattern on flat paint with the same color in high-gloss!

Paint a pattern on flat paint with the same color in high-gloss! Paint a pattern on flat paint with the same color in high-gloss! Paint a pattern on flat paint with the same color in high-gloss!

Make your own glitter wall!  You need 3 ounces or 75 gram of (silver) glitter for 1 gallon or 4 Liter of paint. Mix the glitter with the paint, but you want to add in a little in at a time, otherwise all the paint crystals will sink to the bottom. After a few days though, they will sink to the bottom of the paint can, so don´t wait too long.

How to Add Glitter to Wall Paint

DIY Glitter Wall~ my little girl will SOOOO have one in her room! HGTV says if you mix glitter & a gallon of glue, then paint with it the glue will dry clear for a glitter wall! Lord knows I need a glitter wall in my life.

Same color just gloss over paint! Awesome. Sawdust and Embryos: Budget Kitchen Updates! {Accent Wall and Faux Painted Backsplash!}

Budget Kitchen Updates! {Accent Wall and Faux Painted Backsplash

Paint the wall in flat color then use the same color but in high gloss for the design! For picnic tables? Is there such a thing as outdoor gloss paint? Maybe in this case, contrasting colors, but with base in a flat and design in a gloss.

Oh my, I love this!!!  She says she uses Rustoleum Protective Gloss Enamel to paint her appliances.  I really want to do this.  I wonder if I can get Michael on board.....

I love the idea of painting my washer/dryer a ridiculous color to make laundry more awesome! Ha I could totally see myself having a yellow washer/dryer.

Every home has a story. Leave yours for a future tenant to find. How much fun would something like this be to find and read?

Light Switch Time Capsule

I ran across this light switch time capsule project a while back. Basically, one puts brief message on the back of a switch-plate to be found by a future occupant. Isn’t that better than leav…

Broom brush texture-Hate the color but I can't decide if I like the technique or not so I'm pinning it. :)

(DIY Decor) Grass Broom Textured Walls This makes me think of many different things that can be used for this purpose. Like this idea a lot. It could be done on only one wall for a pop of design.

Moorish Trellis Wall Stencil

Moorish Trellis Wall Stencil

Flat and gloss paint wall stencil. I think this is my favorite of the flat/glossy designs I've seen. Navy/charcoal in the bedroom on the accent wall.

Ombre Blue Wall. I ACTUALLY DID THIS AND IT LOOKS AWESOME. but it's more green in person.

DIY Ombre Walls are great for small spaces and kiddos rooms. The idea is to bring your eyes up! I would love to do this on a focus wall & then do the other walls in a pale yellow-beige so it would be like a seashore room!

LiveLoveDIY: 10 Painting Tips & Tricks You Never Knew (Part Three)

10 Paint Secrets: what you never knew about paint (Like how to paint doors and NOT the hinges! - just cover up all of my hinges with painter's tape, using an exacto knife to remove the excess, and then paint the doors while still attached


The order in which to paint panels on a door. There is a special way that one needs to paint a paneled door, especially if it has a lot of panels. You want to make sure you do it right so you don’t have any drippings or pool ups of paint.