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    If you're a bird I'm a bird ♥

    Cuties ♥

    Nice boys. Very nice.

    Our amazing boys!!! They've grown up so much but they haven't really CHANGED. Louis is still a hilarious sass master, Zayn is still too cool and deep for words, Liam is still the daddy, Nialler is still the goofy carefree crazy mofo he was from day uno, Harry is still... Harry? Lol there isn't many words that can sum up that mess of curls and charm. They are still and always have been, OUR BOYS!!! ♥

    @Liam Payne You were so young! Anyway.... How has your day been going? Xx

    "Our fans inspire us to write about stuff that's relevant" - Niall Horan

    He looks just the same.

    love Lou:)

    Uhmm so basically...

    This picture should be illegal

    I can't get over this picture. niall having the time of his life, louis...well, yeah, zayn enjoying the rollercoaster that is life, and liam protecting his hair :) I just love Lou!

    Hahaha!!! That's our boys!! Love this!

    Aww cuteee

    Louis William Tomlinson: From the long haired boy we saw singing Hey There Delia three years ago to the handsome man we now see before us Louis has definitely won over our hearts. His style throughout the years has definitely changed with him opting for a full black ensemble rather then bright pants and a striped tee.

    holy hottness


    Louis Tomlinson


    there goes the sass master one direction 's Louis Tomlinson yall

    Hahaha!! :D