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This. This is when Dean's heart is shattered beyond repair. 4x16 On The Head Of A Pin.

On the Head of a Pin. Honestly one of my all-time favorite episodes. So good. #Supernatural

Oh, just not the man your daddy wanted you to be, huh Dean?

Another one in the humor section!!! This isn't funny though... maybe it's funny how hot he is...

Christopher Hiegyal-i can't spell his last name, is an awesome actor. was in stargate, sanctuary played 2 people, atlantis, twilight, true blood and supernatural.

4x16 On the Head of a Pin Supernatural minimalist. This is one of my favorite episodes ever. And I have no idea why.

Dean, Alone Again ||| Supernatural 5x22 "Swan Song" and 9x09 "Holy Terror" [And again, Cas will be the one to show up first... :') Also, both times, Cas being newly powered/repowered.]