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i don't even have kids, but I love love this site...she has themed weeks with lots of ideas for little kids...someday

Crocodile Reading and Maths Ideas

Math work sheets. Simple facts. so great. make it custom

Free printable math drills - spend just 10 minutes a day to sharpen kids' skills and yours!- AWESOME SITE, LETS YOU CREATE NEW SHEETS! Is it sick and wrong that this is being pinned under summer fun?

Sticky Wall!  Just tape some clear contact paper to the wall or window, sticky side facing you. Then let the kiddies experiment with sticking different items - small blocks, pompoms, macaroni, the ideas are limitless. Can also be done with a themed shape as well - Christmas tree with decorations, Easter Egg, etc. Great sensory activity!

clear contact paper sticky side out

Are you ready to make your very own storytelling game to learn about saltwater crocodiles that tests your fact or fiction skills? This hands-on learning lesson for the book is perfect for children of any age to help teach them facts about saltwater crocodiles with a fun hands-on game that is sure to be not only fun, but a blast to learn with too. Come get your book themed hands-on learning fun and FREE printable today.

DIY Fact or Fiction Saltwater Crocodile Game

Learn about saltwater crocodiles with this fun hands-on learning outdoor game!

Counting games for toddlers and preschoolers.

Fun Counting Games

Counting Books-Top Picks from an Elementary Math Coach. Includes books for counting to 10 and beyond

In this game, the kids had to toss a purple snowflake onto the snowman.  The tosser would read the number  on the snowman and then fill in that many frames on the tens frame with the snowflakes. The next person has to determine how many more to make 10.

Toss a beanbag on a number on the snowman, kids make it in the 10 frame with snowflakes. Adapt this and write teen numbers on snowman and have kids fill in the ten frame to build the number

Dried out Markers + water = water color pens...  I wish I had seen this 2 days ago =/

From dried out marker to fresh new watercolor paint! Soak old markers in a cup of water overnight. The longer they sit the better. Then, presto: vibrant water color paint! You can experiment mixing various colors of markers.

For my math friends: A huge list of books that can be integrated into math lessons! The list is even divided by math topic.

A huge list of books that can be integrated into math lessons! The list is even divided by math topic. :) Kids would never expect to read a book for math class!

For Money lessons, have students place an order from a menu (any restaurant) from the kids menu. Students use a hundreds chart, markers, and menus to calculate how much their order would cost.

math differentiation for teaching money_great money videos at the end

Alligator greater than and less than manipulative.  Made from an envelope.  Kids can put numbers or counters in the alligator's mouth.

Common Core State Math Alligobbler is an alligator made out of a green envelope,that's a wonderful math manipulative, helping.