Leo Tolstoy

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Leo Tolstoy at age 20, 1848

Jimi Hendrix, 1968 by Baron Wolman

George Bernard Shaw (c. 1890) --"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” ― GBS, Man & Superman Photo by Sir Emery Walker, 1888. This is the only photo of him I've ever seen when he was young.

Ana Karenina, estremecedo­ra historia de adulterio en el ámbito de la alta sociedad rusa de la época. En ella Tolstói refleja su visión de la sociedad urbana, símbolo de los vicios y el pecado, en oposición a la vida sana de la naturaleza y del campo. De ese mundo necio y patológico de la ciudad es víctima Ana Karenina, que se ha convertido en una figura clave de la literatura universal.

Lev Nikoláyevich Tolstoi

Fiódor Dostoievski

File:L.N.Tolstoy Prokudin-Gorsky.jpgLev Nikolayeviç Tolstoy (Rusça: Лев Никола́евич Толсто́й; 9 Eylül 1828 - 20 Kasım 1910), Rus yazar.Lev Tolstoy 1908'de "Yasnaya Polyana"da. Bu fotoğraf Rusya'da çekilmiş ilk renkli portre fotoğrafıdır.

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (1860–1904), was a Russian physician, dramaturge and author who is considered to be among the greatest writers of short stories in history. His career as a dramatist produced four classics and his best short stories are held in high esteem by writers and critics. Chekhov practised as a medical doctor throughout most of his literary career: "Medicine is my lawful wife", he once said, "and literature is my mistress".

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Lev Tolstoy in 1856, daguerreotype by Sergei Lvovich Levitsky, digitally enhanced by olgasha.deviantart.com

Leo Tolstoy - Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoi, (Yasnaya Polyana, 9 de setembro de 1828 — Astapovo, 20 de novembro de 1910) escritor russo. na velhice tornou-se um pacifista, cujos textos e ideias contrastavam com as igrejas e governos, pregando uma vida simples e em proximidade à natureza. Junto a Dostoiévski, Turgueniev, Gorki e Tchecov, foi um dos grandes mestres da literatura russa do século XIX. Suas obras mais famosas são Guerra e Paz, sobre as campanhas de Napoleão na Rússia, e Anna Karenina,


Leo Tolstoy, 1910

Beautiful shot of Bob Marley

Joseph Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936)was an English poet, short-story writer, and novelist chiefly remembered for his celebration of British imperialism, tales and poems of British soldiers in India, and his tales for children. Kipling received the 1907 Nobel Prize for Literature and is best known for his works of fiction, including The Jungle Book (a collection of stories which includes "Rikki-Tikki-Tavi"), Just So Stories, Kim (a tale of adventure), many short stories, including "The Man Who ...

“The job which the writer is doing is to tell you a moving story of the human heart in conflict.” William Faulkner

Helen Folasade Adu OBE (born 16 January 1959), better known as Sade, is a British singer-songwriter, composer, and record producer. She first achieved success in the 1980s as the frontwoman and lead vocalist of the Brit and Grammy Award winning English group Sade. In 2002, she received an OBE from Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace for services to music, and she dedicated her award to "all black women in England".

John Lee Hooker (1917-2001) was a highly influential American blues singer-songwriter and guitarist.

Leo Tolstoy (1828 – 1910), Maxim Gorky (1868 – 1936), and Anton Chekhov (1860 – 1904). Crimea, Russia, 1901.