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#MotivationalMonday features a #karma cleanse! Because its all about beginning the week #connected to what’s important in life!! Ask Roxy to #attract further assistance. #LifeCoach #TransitionalCoach #WordsofWisdom #Boise #Idaho

I think we change over time, and never stay the same. I believe certain life experience turns us one way or the other, and maybe back. Sounds the same as living w/ Traumatic Brain Injury

Live it to the fullest

So that's the problem...

F* yeah.


Life is short!

Dear Younger M #Quotes #Sayings #Phrases #Inspiration #Determination | http://best-friend-otilia.blogspot.com

I hope to always be a fruit loop!

I like this one...


Karma, it isn't about revenge, or hate, or returning hate. It's about love, that everything you expel into the universe, comes back at you multiplied. I wish to receive good, therefore I put out goodness.

ee cummings

Live life to the fullest

Small steps...


Twelve Critical Things You Should Never Tolerate. This is so true! Words of Inspiration for the new year.

e e cummings. When I get married, this will be read

Living in the moment, and giving Thanks!