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Denmark. I think read somewhere that it has the highest happiness index of anywhere in the world.

Copenhagen, DK Study at the University of Copenhagen for the Fall, Spring, or Year!

Copenhagen. It's like Bangkok - you visit it over and over again because it's always on the way to other places and it's always as nice.

Copenhagen / For more beauty in your life ♥ Visit and be a Fan:

If You Love Venice: Try Copenhagen Even though there are no Italian gondoliers, the Danish capital is crossed by picturesque waterways.

little mermaid copenhagen Demark I saw the mermaid with her head knocked off so I wrote a tter to ask that the person return it or helped put on aa new head. Koge said it was a good idea and kristina and Hans wrote too. A lot of letters were published inn a local paper - not ours, but the amount of concern was said to come as far as Austraia and US

Little Mermaid, Copenhagen, Denmark

Canal of Amsterdam - been there once and want to go back

i see what this world has come to and i think can this world get any uglier, then i see this and i know this is where i belong