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you are not always legally obligated to stop at stopsigns... GOOD TO KNOW

the sticker is the size of a quarter.and it's BEHIND the stop sign. How will you know if the sign is real until after you break the law? Just ask the cop to check.he'll love that.

Interesting facts of the day

Interesting facts of the day

Interesting facts of the day…caution with the vending machine thing.it's actually illegal.>>>>> I want to do the toy story thing

Consider supplementing your nightly rest with naps. | 18 Charts That Will Help…

Master the Art of Napping -perfect thing to be thinking of my first day back at work! Perfect for college students

so true!

omg biggest pet peeve ever. It's called "personal space" people. Just because you don't seem to have any, doesn't mean I don't!

Haha never again will they be tangled!!!

Funny pictures about No more tangled earbuds. Oh, and cool pics about No more tangled earbuds. Also, No more tangled earbuds photos.