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How to Achieve a Natural Birth in a Hospital: A Tale of 7 Natural Hospital Births {A Natural Phenomenon} - The Humbled Homemaker

You WON'T have an intervention-free birth if you don't plan for one

4 Simple Ways to Prepare for Natural Birth - Birth Boot Camp® Natural Childbirth Education Classes - Online and Instructor-

Top 10 essentials for a #natural, manageable #pregnancy from http://MamaNatural.com

My Top 10 Essentials for a Natural, Manageable Pregnancy

Packing a Natural Birth Bag. This post has a great list of how to use doTERRA essential oils during pregnancy and labor.

MUST USE list Packing a Natural Birth Bag. This post has a great list of how to use doTERRA essential oils during pregnancy and labor.

Natural birth: "...it's completely ordinary and normal and not only for a special few. You can do it too."

Is that why pregnancy and birth have been the killer of women in history? Is that why 800 women die every single day from pregnancy and birth complications? The human body is actually pretty poorly "designed" to give birth.

Manic Mrs. Stone: how i'm preparing for my natural birth // part two

I read birth books for fun. Throw away What To Expect and pick these up instead.

Benefits of #Hypnobirthing: A news story in the Guardian recently said women in the UK are flocking to hypnobirthing classes (read it here). This doesn't surprise me as I think there's growing awareness in general about the power of mindfulness and meditation and hypnobirthing fits so perfectly into that.

Positive birthing affirmations can help you focus and reduce stress. Regardless of your birth outcomes practicing any type of affirmation is good for your mind body and baby

Inducing Labor - 40+ Natural Ways To Induce Labor On Your Own. Very cool website with tons of insight on natural pregnancy and labor.

40 Natural Ways to Induce Labor

Labor is a natural process which usually occurs around 40 weeks gestation, however there are a few ways to help induce labor naturally for those mothers who are overdue, and want to avoid a hospital induction.

Preparing for a Natural Labor and Delivery.... super hard to do in a hospital where they have you on their schedule, not your own. Thinking a birthing center for the future... It was very frustrating trying to go natural, but I wasn't dilating as fast as they wanted me to, and they induced me and then upped the meds. Worst experience ever! Not letting that happen again...

Preparing for a Natural Labor & Delivery