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I miss my hair this color. I was thinking dark chocolate brown with the violet underneath? dark violet - the purple ponytail.


❀ Flower Maiden Fantasy ❀ beautiful art fashion photography of women and flowers - Turquoise wavy hair & flower crown

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Oh you sweet thing you. peach is such a lady like colour and this is just the sweetest thing.


37 Newest Hottest Hair Colour Tips For 2015 hairstyles - lovely collection of photos including balyage, ombre, pastels, ash blonde etc - shown: blue/grey hair colour with rose braids.


I really really really want to dye my hair purple. This is a great intense purple colour. You could achieve this colour using Fudge Headpaint permanent professional dye, or one of the more temporary options available that wash out


Blonde hair with pink & purple tips, cute.clip in ombre pink e tensions only ! Not dying my real hair pink is cute but not permanent

ihana liukuvärjäys, tätä kokeilen kyllä jollekki ;)

Red and black ombre hair. Ombre styles like this can be as vibrant as you want, with the benefit of being easy to maintain.