Some of the kids at my work need this.

Funny cuz it's true :P

Dog eats lemon. Cracks me up every time!


story of my life...

haha exactly! the only way ill get a tattoo is if it means a lot and it was small and it was somewhere easy to hide if needed

This is so true. HUGE pet peeve of mine... I cant understand why anyone still uses these abbreviations, almost everyone has a phone with a full keyboard now and unlimited texting type it out all the way or you sound like a hobo!

I full out belly laughed at this for a solid minute because I am the person who sneezes 5 times! Funny stuff right here!

Oooops !!!



"Happy Father's Day to all my son's possible baby daddys...."

Scary creatures, funny meme.


Now that's funny!

grown up skewers!.... bahahah

hehehehe look at the baby!