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    Interior Car Cleaning - tips from real auto detailers

    Car Detailing Tips

    A very useful car trick

    Slap the shabby off your vehicle's interior! You can recondition everything from the dash to the upholstery in a weekend by following these instructions:

    DIY Headlight Cleaner

    Yeah the Cadillac needs a good cleaning!!!hear that hunny?I'll take the convertible you can suprise me with a clean car 😊

    I had no idea! these are great tips.... 29 Magical Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide

    19 Mind-Blowing Tricks Every iPhone And iPad User Should Know

    so going to try this

    This adorable white painted metal bucket is the perfect small cleaning caddy. Put your favorite cleaners and cleaning cloths inside and tuck under a cabinet or carry from room to room.

    how to clean a car

    Tips and Tricks To Clean Your Car

    How to really clean stainless steel

    My husband and I have been doing the Dave Ramsey Debt Snowball system/budget for the last 2 years and we have paid off 2 cars, 3 credit cards, and are still going strong. I would recommend it to EVERYONE!

    ALL GIRLS SHOULD READ! A group of rapists and date rapists in prison were interviewed on what they look for in a potential victim and here are some interesting facts: A good thing to read and be aware! This brought up some points that I had never heard before and some things that I even do that I need to stop! Please REPIN, IT COULD SAVE A LIFE!!

    How to clean a fiberglass shower base to look like NEW — my best product find yet — Retro Renovation

    Do you have a car dent? Pull it out yourself with the pneumatic dent puller and save money!

    Must say I have NEVER cleaned it. Would explain the smaller and smaller cups I've been getting. Definitely doing this in the morning! How to clean your Keurig.

    55 Must-Read Cleaning Tips & Tricks. well this pretty much changed my life.. cleaning tricks? awesome.

    Deep clean your bathroom with a power drill. | 25 Unexpectedly Genius Household Hacks You'll Wish You'd Thought Of First