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#mala beads photo by Craig Ferguson

Antique French rosary beads. Regardless of faith, beauty is beauty and that craftsmanship over script looks amazing

Rosary Beads and the nuns who taught me

  • Lynda

    Conscience, kindness and gratitude have nothing at all to do with religion. (Certainly, religion didn't stop priests from raping thousands of little boys for decades or centuries! Conscience and empathy is innate -- babies have been shown to have it, as have many animals.

  • andrea huston

    It needs to be reinforced and instilled in man more than animals.

  • Lynda

    There is no evidence for that, andrea. Countries with the highest rates of atheism also tend to rate high in terms of kindness, in both governmental policies and personal actions. Conversely, theocracies (whose policies are determined by religion) are invariably brutal and repressive.

  • andrea huston

    I will pray for you to my God of love, compassion, kindness, and forgiveness .

  • Lynda

    If you feel the need to talk to yourself, go ahead. If you hear voices talking to you, get medical help immediately. I'm so sorry you were brainwashed as a child to believe things that are nothing more than fairy tales written by some brutish nomadic herders. If you ever need to learn how to be a good person without invisible friends, I'm sure you'll find that atheists are some of the most caring, loving people around.

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Talk to your God and the ones that have gone before ... he is always listening and they are always near ...

“If the only prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough.” ― Meister Eckhart

Vintage czech glass rosary beads refashioned into modern necklaces.

Divine Mercy TwoTone Beads Rosary by HillairCreations on Etsy, $34.00