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▶ How to crochet wire and beads to make a bracelet - 37 minutes great video, clear explanation and video quality ~ - YouTube

Why You Should Try Surface Crochet- a great technique for finished projects

Peacock Crochet Blanket Pattern Is A Favourite

Messy Mom Bun Beanie Crochet Pattern

Messy mom bun lover? This is the perfect "I'm throwing my hair up" beanie. Great for the spring soccer games to keep wind out of your ears, and stylish too!

Color wire, artistic wire for wire crochet - FOREST

4 spools of artistic wire in forest colors combination, dark green, olive green, brown & mustard the wires are each spool is 65 feet long Meters). colored copper wires are great fo

O - a modern wire crochet short necklace in silver

The O necklaces line is a mix of minimalist clean design with a hint of femininity , the O necklaces come in 3 lengths , the one on this listing is the shortest one. The O necklace has an elegant chic