Smart ironing board! Need!

Ironing Board

One Trip Grip Grocery Bag Holder - Genius! #product_design #industrial_design

Ink Calendar: The ink will slowly color each day of the month as time passes by. The designer must be a genius.

Ironing board on top of shelves. NEED THIS!

Tents that zip together! Total camping fort!

Reduces your ironing time by up to 50%.

Bye bye hot glue gun and hello hot glue pen... Where have you been all my life?

Why didn't i find this months ago...Best DIY Painting Tools. Experts list the best tools for painting—including brushes, rollers, paint removers, masking tools, cleaning tools, pouring spouts, poles, ladders and more.

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No more dusting forever??? I'll take it!!!

33 Insanely Clever Things Your Small Apartment Needs I want the cutting board and the swivel mirror!

How cool is this product!?! You can actually see under the iron to see if the wrinkles are gone! Genius.

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Skip the million plastic bags. I want it. Smart design fits into shopping cart.

Smart bathtub-- i need this!

This is smart! /

2012 Best of Best red dot product design » Yanko Design

I want these! Amazon; $15 for 2.

love this ironing board holder with roomy basket.

EVERY GIRL NEEDS THIS: Avoid clogged drains...chops hair like a garbage disposal for the shower - AMAZING! $14.98. That is so awesome.