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  • Deeni P

    This is a great infographic!! Eat more HEALTHY fats, limit carbs, and loose weight! Check it out @ericaleyenaar @natashaluvslife


    Fat Facts – Why Eating Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat! Weight loss Guide Infographic #Personaltraining #Fitness #Exercise #Personal #training #Trainer #Weight-loss #Diet #Nutrition

  • Cori E.

    this is why I do so much better on low carb diets! My body just can not handle processed, high carb foods.

  • Hearty Kitchen

    Dr. Mercola & Gary Taubes explain why explain why eating fat doesn't make you fat – but eating carbs can kill you. #health #fats #lowcarb #food #nutrition

  • Cindy Morehead

    Great infographic which illustrates how carbohydrates can lead to weight gain and why low fat diets were not the holy grail to health. But, I think it’s important to keep in mind that any extreme diet that is either very low in fats or carbs will be doomed to failure. Various sources of wholesome, non-processed, organic foods in moderation, couple with a fitness program that is fun and realistic is the key : )

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"carbs are killing you" is a bit of an incomplete statement but I agree with: "eating fat does not make you fat" and "Pasta, Not Bacon, Makes You Fat". This is a great article.

  • Gabriel DeVine

    What is this based on? This pin is ridiculous-- First: Yes, insulin ends lipolytic processes, but that's okay, because then your body can burn glycogen for fuel. Also, for most of the day your body is using an oxidative process for energy (primarily fat for energy), so it doesn't mater. Second: The facts comparing the two types of diet are skewed; Low carb diets don't allow for as much glycogen storage, and they also make you (relatively speaking) dehydrated (as 1g of glycogen can hold up to 2.7g of fat). So, the difference seen is likely water weight, hence why people claim to "lose" multiple percentages of body fat in a matter of days after switching to low carb. Let's not forget that insulin is also anabolic (tissue building), which is why bodybuilders and athletes eat fast digesting carbs after training. Also, this infographic does not take into account the thermic effect of food. All food requires energy for processing-- Fat takes the least amount of energy to digest, followed by carbs, then protein. This is why true ketogenic diets call for a further reduction in calories-- To account for a lowered RMR. Finally, let's not forget that protein also produces insulin-- So the idea that you can eat as much fat and protein as you want but avoid carbs to prevent the secretion of insulin is a fallacy. For the record, my macronutrients are moderately balanced (I eat moderate protein, moderate fat, and moderate carb), but the fact remains: Neither carbs, nor fat make anyone fat-- Consuming more calories than burned throughout the day makes people fat. */rant*

  • Kaylie Yuill

    Wow this is insanely stupid....

  • Kristen Patterson

    ..Sugar is the issue not carbs.....

Interesting infographics based on tons of data. We're more successful at weight loss when we just think about what we eat.

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