Up (2009)

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UP movie poster

As the one non-Cars Pixar movie I don't own (and the only Pixar film aside from Cars 2 which I haven't seen), did you really think this wouldn't catch the attention of a huge Pixar fan?

Disney Pixar's Inside Out movie poster #InsideOutEvent

Great Movie!

Poster The movie Trainspotting

this movie is so cute!!!

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2 of 2 pins... Wings, 1927. Acclaimed for its technical prowess and realism upon release, the film became the yardstick for which future aviation films were measured against, due mainly to its realistic air combat sequences. Grade: 7.39/10 ... http://www.printcollection.com/print/1915

Good kid movie

Everyday Disney: Day 278: A Few of my Favorite Things V3 It's the third volume of my Favorite Things Series, and this time I talk about some of my favorite Disney films!

Nightmare Before Christmas

Up (Edward Asner, Christopher Plummer, Jordan Nagai) - 74% - One of the best and saddest starts to a film ever and the rest of the film is well animated, funny and touching.

Monster Inc., great movie from Disney-Pixar

One of my all time favorite Disney movies...

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Good Movie!

-Movie poster, UP (2009)

Apocalypse Now Movie Poster Digital Art Print by FalstaffTrading

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