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Old teapot turned spout down in the garden for bird nests...clever art in the garden!

39 cool containers

DIY: Bread house for the birds! A clever use for stale bread... and the birds will love it! What a great idea :)

Care & pruning of Clematis...

Irish Spring and a cheese grater. Apparently squirrels hate the smell of the soap, so they'll stay out of your garden. as well as deer and mice.

Shade combination for a hanging basket

Upcycled water fountain - kinda clever!

Potting Time!

Color in the garden? Cute!

I like this: Make solar garden lights! Find a glass jar, paint the inside with Elmer glue tinted the color you want and then go to the DOLLAR TREE and buy a solar light. Wala! Outdoor lights for nearly nothing!

Meet Whimsy -- "Nothing is more the child of art than a garden."-- Sir Walter Scott

Ruffles Copper Coleus is grown in containers and beds for its gorgeous foliage. Grown in part to full shade, it gets up to 18" tall. Hardy to 35•, it is a perennial in zones 10-11 and an annual everywhere else.

Late winter/early spring checklist for prepping the gardens...

How to Make a Garden Fountain

Don't let mosquitoes get the best of you! Put original Listerine in a spray bottle and spray away:) The mosquitoes will not be a pest anymore! Safe for babies, animals, and big babies! Without pesticides!

Container Plants

twig or branch screen - love wattle fences, this will fit right in, great to give privacy, support, a slight wind break, or some shade while still allowing some air flow and/or light, depending on how you make it or where you place it.

Love these plants. Their softness is great next to the hardness of the rocks.

Creeping Jenny is a reliable perennial -the leaves are yellowish-green during the active growth season and then turn to orange-bronze in winter. Great ground cover. We use Creeping Jenny as a goundcover or a filler between stepping stones in shady locations. The bright foliage works nicely to lighten up shady areas. It looks especially nice around the rocks and boulders of a garden pond.

Fairy Swing


“For ourselves, and for our planet, we must be both strong and strongly connected — with each other, with the earth. As children, we need time to wander, to be outside, to nibble on icicles, watch ants, to build with dirt and sticks in the hollow of the earth, to lie back and contemplate clouds….” Gary Paul Nabhan & Stephen Trimble, The Geography of Childhood, 2004

Green sanctuary. And no mowing!

Beautiful Mix.