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This makes me laugh and cry. So basically I am having a mental break down mixed with a seizure. GET IN MY LEVEL.


Harry Potter fandom part 3

I wasn’t going to pin this but then i realized the horse had glasses. It's Horsey potter! :D

I should put this on my iPhone- I hit snooze like 4 times this morning...

Cause the bed is magically, the most comfortable place after the alarm rings /a little morning motivation

This is the greatest thing, even if it was a prank at the beginning I love how everyone sent an owl back.

The Best April Fools' Prank (That I Shall Ever Do)

How to prank your friends with Hogwarts letters! Or to prank said friend back with owls of acceptance. So awesome!

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OMG DOING THIS -- House fish tanks. (FYI for those of you worried abt the fish - they're Betta fish [or Siamese Fighting Fish] and they prefer small spaces with non-filtered water.


Hmm, in this case I'm a pure blood, not exactly a death eater. At least muggle-borns know what Harry potter is. Although I don't like the Dursley's!