sharpies and rubbing alcohol...who knew!?

design your own fabric using Sharpies and rubbing alcohol (tutorial)

Tye dye using Isopropyl Alcohol and Sharpie pens.

Sharpie dyeing! Makes better results than tie-dyeing! And so easy! GREAT for gifts, an RA program, or a rainy day project!

Tie dye with Sharpies

Water colour tees - instead of paying $60 use sharpies & rubbing alcohol

Tie dye t shirt with sharpies--this is before alcohol is dripped on it to spread the color out

DIY coasters rubbing alcohol and Ink coasters!! Add felt to back and trim edges and lightly go around edges with a lighter to seal edges :)

Things to do this summer: burn dandelions. They burn all different colors!

New idea I had with my infamous Sharpie skills! Just grab some cheap off-brand of Vans from either Walmart, Kmart or Payless and go-to-town with the Sharpies! The designs are endless.

25 Creative Sharpie Projects - Draw on plain pillows with colorful sharpies, then spray with rubbing alcohol to create a watercolor/tie-dye effect!

shoe ties

Sharpie Tye-dye. :)

sharpie tie dye

Take an old tiedyed T-shirt and make it a new summer tank!

Fun, quick, and cute

How to dye an old pair of jeans to look new again

Sharpie and Solo cup stained glass found here. Supplies needed: Sharpies, clear plastic cups, hole punch, string/ribbon

splash dyed t'shirt

crayon in a hot glue gun- Who knew??

Aluminum foil, yarn, sharpies = ART!