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  • Liz Zils

    Wear Sunscreen. This man is a 69 year old truck driver, he spent 30 years driving with no sunscreen. Look at the difference in between each side of his face due to more exposure on his left side while driving. WEAR SUNSCREEN.

  • DS

    Wow, sun damage. The striking photograph of a 69-year- old truck driver in a recent New England Journal of Medicine article shows just how damaging the sun can be to your skin. While driving a delivery truck for the last 28 years, the driver was exposed to ultraviolet A rays through the window glass on just the left side of his face. One more reason to wear sunscreen every day...though I admit to skipping days when I'm too busy lately (or won't be outside much), I don't think I will anymore.

  • Mary Kofron

    The most compelling example of why you should wear sunscreen we've ever seen. - 69 year old truck driver who spent 30 years on big rigs, only the left side of his body was exposed to sun damage while driving.

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