Great idea!

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Such a good idea!

Cute idea

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helpful info: The traditional processional order

good idea

Cute idea.

Handkerchief for a gift for the father of the bride! Love this!

Such a good idea.

Wedding Polaroids; I love this idea! I'd have them write a little something on the back of the polaroid as well, and then after the wedding put them all in a book! way more creative than signing a guest book.

Can someone PLEASE keep reminding me about this?!

Cute idea.

Cute idea!

Good ideas

Don't forget, #brides!

with only the bride and groom in color it really seems like time is standing still in the photo.

Love this idea! And they are cute!

Doing this!!!!!!Picture of the first dance with the lyrics of the song written in the frame.

Some good ideas....